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Forensic Care and Support

Pro Support provides individuals with mental health and learning disabilities with forensic backgrounds and complex behaviours on various orders. We provides intensive person centred and specialist intervention with robust risk management plans. This enables service users to live within the community without putting themselves or others at risk. This support is delivered in our supported living services with individualised support packages.

Pro Support service manager is an experience social worker, specialising in forensic mental health and knows what to must be included in a resettlement plan.

As part of the referral process, we would expect a detailed risks assessment, which clearly outlines the risk presented by the service user, as well as those that the service user may be subjected to whilst living in the community. We know that some service users attract extensive media attention and community rejection, which in some cases are triggers that may cause the service user to reoffend. We will therefore, ensure that all information concerning triggers, signs of relapse to look for and how to manage the presenting risks for each service user.

In addition, we would request robust and detailed care plan, with clinical summary, including details of any psychological assessment/input the client may have or require. This would also be supported by any occupational report with rehabilitation plans, linked to the individual service user’s care and support.

Fundamental to the information we would require include, details of any Ministry of Justice conditions; for example restrictions as to where a client can and cannot go, specific exclusion zones for the service user, including activities requiring escorted support; also, information related to contact with victims, child protection and general safeguarding.

Accompanying the client’s referral application must also be a detailed recall plan in case the client relapse or reoffends and needs to be readmitted to hospital etc.

Key to the information required is the details of professionals involved specifically with the care and support of the client. This would include probation service, Police, details of the social supervisor and schedule of the frequency when the client would be visited. We would also expect contact details of the client’s responsible clinician and copy of his treatment plan.