Image of goldfish symbolising personalisation


As a specialist provider, we embrace government policies and good practice social care industry. We support Personalisation as a key part of government policy by helping people to plan and direct their own support, and giving them a personal budget or a direct payment so that they can purchase their own services.

Pro Support promotes personalisation because:

    • It gives opportunity to people to have choice, to take control of their own recovery journey, and to participate in society as active and equal citizens
    • It promotes well-being as a preventative approach, so that people can stay well
    • It recognizes the fact that people have skills and strengths on which to build, rather than being passive recipients of services.
    • Because of that we promote the implementation of Personalisation in mental health by supporting service users to utilise personal budgets to purchase their support

At Pro Support, we work alongside service users, social workers and with commissioners, to help make Personalisation work for people who use mental health services.