Entwisle Service is situated in Rochdale. The service provides innovative recovery and rehabilitation-based support for people with Learning Disabilities and enduring mental health problems, with forensic history.

Our care and support is innovative because service users have access to the clinical expertise, support network and safeguards of being supported by qualified staff-while beginning their recovery in the safe environment of a shared house as they prepare for independent living. Entwisle Road provides specialist mental health service for high risk and hard to place service users.

The pathway will provides flexible care and support to be stepped down when moving through the different stages of recovery. People who require more intensive support or slower stream rehabilitation can be admitted to Entwisle Road. This will provide enhanced safety and security features but retain the comfortable and appealing living environment of a typical shared house.

People whose needs are less intensive will be able to be admitted to Entwisle Road with pathway plan to move to individual flats. The environment replicates independent living but with the care and support of a multi-skilled team and appropriate access to the local professional services. There is easy access to local shops, tram and bus routes.