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Recovery and Rehabilitation

Here at Pro Support, we help people make the transition from restricted environments to, where possible, more independent living. We work with a wide range of people with severe or long term mental health issues, including those who:

  • Are moving from secure or restricted services or hospitals

  • Have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act

  • Have forensic backgrounds

  • Have a community treatment order (CTO) in place

  • Are on probation order

  • Are on Ministry of Justice order and working with Mentally Disordered Offenders service

Everyone’s recovery journey is different. We help people find the right place for them to start and focus on giving people the skills and confidence they need for this journey. We help each client identify and work toward meaningful goals which will result in a happier, healthier and more fulfilling future.

We believe that effective partnerships are important for our success – whether they be with the people who use our services, or with organisations such as the NHS and social services. We take the time to develop a shared understanding of the goals we are working towards and stay focused on the things that will make a real difference.

We also know that education and employment are essential to long term recovery as they not only improve self-esteem, but represent a significant step towards independence. We support those we work with to learning essential skills, attend college.