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Supported Living

We offer a wide range of supported living services. These are shared houses of 3-5 bedrooms with communal facilities. We support vulnerable individuals suffering from and living with a learning disability, mental health and associated needs including those with forensic histories.

In our supported living services housing and support are separate. This means that service users have tenancy agreements with the landlord or managing agent and support agreements with Pro Support. Service users are eligible for more benefits and have more money than if they lived in residential care services. Our supported living services don’t have as many rules and regulations as residential care homes.

At Pro Support services, the individual is at the centre of the support planning process. Individual service user will have a key worker who will support them to determine their desired goals, aspirations and outcomes and ways to achieve them. The support plan will be a working tool to help the service user map their journey travelled through the recovery plan. The STAR delivery program is a key support delivery strategy negotiated with service users across our services.

It puts individuals at the centre of the process of identifying their needs, desired path to achieve set goals and making choices about what, who and how they are supported along the way. Pro Support sees this as an opportunity to provide services that are appropriate, creative and flexible. It focuses on personal strengths and preferences; it promotes choice and control and ultimately enables self-confidence and personal well-being for service users.

Our holistic person centered approach promotes:

  • Listening to the individual service users

  • Attending to the details

  • Open, honest, consistence and sensitive approach to individual situations

  • Identifying and support what really matters to the person

  • Positive risk taking towards building life skills to live independently in future tenancies, also to achieving personal dreams and desires

  • Our flexible service is designed to reflect changes in individual circumstances

We liaise with professionals such as care coordinators, consultants, advocates, benefits officers and family members to ensure that the service user live a meaningful life, whilst managing risk along the journey to self-determined life and independence.

Pro Support ensures that our support staff receive the training and support necessary to deliver the service required and agree flexible working contract to respond to individual service users when, where, how and what support they need. We actively use information that our service users and frontline staff provide to develop strategies and tools to enhance and develop relevant personalised system of work across our services. The management team has considerable experience providing a wide range of flexible staffing and support models to ensure that the needs of individual service users are met. Our staff are available 24hr a day including evenings, weekends and bank holidays

In this context we believe that person centred approaches involve a wide range of tools, modifications and changes that our teams are able to develop and use to make our services more inclusive of the people we support. To deliver a service that is flexible and specific to each person we:

  • Involve service users throughout, ensure that they understand the process and follow up

  • Be aware of power dynamics in terms of how service users view their role and to always seek to empower

  • Respect the person, their home and their beliefs

  • Regard individual circumstance, age, gender, religion, culture, sexuality and other differences

  • Involve others should the service user wish (including advocacy services, relatives)

  • Remain non judgmental

We also ensure that outcome measurement is inbuilt into support plans. We use STAR recovery modal to plan, deliver and monitor support provided. By following the STAR recovery model, we ensure meaningful delivery approaches that pay more than lip service to current thinking around personalised support; as a support organisation, we help individuals to map the journey travelled and ensure we adapt to changes along the way.