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Transitional Support Planning

We have specialist knowledge of supporting services and their families in transition from children to adult services. Preparation for adulthood and leaving care should not be a one off event, but a process that supports young people to make a successful transition to independence. Pro Support offer support services that help and support individuals prepare for their adult life.   Young people making the transition from care must be gradually prepared for adulthood by giving them the practical, social and emotional skills and opportunities for a successful life. Pro Support offer a safety net during their journey through our 24 hour shared support projects. At Pro Support we believe that good support and planning for the future when a young person is in our care is the basis for good support when they leave. Local authorities as corporate parents have a statutory duty to help young people to achieve in care and continue to support the care leavers they looked after as children. Pro Support work closely with the statutory agencies to ensure the care and support we deliver meets the individuals needs and prepares them to secure suitable and permanent move on accommodation and support if necessary.

We believe that it is essential to place young people at the centre of service planning and development. Young people in our care are given opportunities to actively engage with the broader community.

For participation to be empowering it must move beyond consultations and commenting on policies and procedures. Our involvement and activities seek to take young people on a journey, by developing transferrable skills and fostering individual development rather than just eliciting opinion. Only through the learning experience and our support can young people develop the skills to critically reflect and engage with the services and society they are a part of.